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Scrap Car Removal Service

Remove Car or Car Removal With licenced scrap car dealers

SCUK offer a car removal service whereas we will remove your car free and even pay cash. There are so many companies offering to scrap your car free of charge and just as many offering more than the scrap value for scrap cars. The main question asked by customers all day everyday is not " Is your company fully licensed and allowed to remove my scrap vehicle in accordance with the DVLA and local authorities!" Which the answer would be yes! But the main question is "How much do you pay for it!!" In all honesty we do pay for the scrap metal as scrap metal. 99.9% of the time we know exactly how much your car weighs and pay accordingly at the current value. We handle the whole process professionally and ensure your car is taken off the DVLA database within 48 hours which ensures that you wont receive fines for not disposing you vehicle correctly.

Our Scrap Process

We are a fully licenced registered company which is very important when scrapping your vehicle. We ensure that all paperwork is correctly filled out in accordance with the dvla. You will need to have your V5 or "log book" ready for the driver to fill in the yellow section 9 part. The driver will also pay cash on collection of the car if any money has been agreed with the office. You will then need to send the yellow section off to Dvla Swansea SA99 1BD.

Salvage Cars

We PAY TOP PRICES for accident damaged, third party insured and non-running vehicles. These cars are generally 2001 onwards cars which we can re sell parts from.

Salvage Cars could even be older vehicles you may think i want to scrap my car but it may be worth restoring to us. We take every car on an individual basis generally the newer the better but we do have a passion about classics.
Scrap cars wanted include:

Mk1, Mk2 Escorts and Mk3 - 4 RS Turbos
Fiat Uno Turbo - Must be running
Renault 5 GT Turbo
Cortinas - all
All Mini's any condition
Metro and Maestro Turbo
bmw 325 coupe / convertibles